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This is a wiki site for the awesome discrete math class at Fairfield University. It is a collaborative writing project that is ongoing throughout the fall semester, 2011.

If this is your first time here, you can visit the Welcome room for an orientation exercise.



This is a rough classification of the main topics of the course, and is a starting point for navigation of the site.

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Our articles, as of 12/4/2011
Algebra of logic | Boolean Algebra | Computing Summations and Products of Sequences | Conditional statement | Even and odd | Floor and ceiling | Functions | Inductive Reasoning | Kurt Godel's Incompleteness Theorem | Logic | Logical operator | Mathematical Induction | Prime and composite | Proof by Contradiction | Proof by Contraposition | Proof by cases | Proof of the Transitivity Property for Divisibility | Proofs Involving Rational Numbers | Proogs in number theory | Quantifier | Quotient Remainder Theorem | Relation | Set Identities | Set theory | Speaking with variables | Strong Induction | Sum of two rational numbers | Summation | Tautology and contradiction | Trominoes
Pages in italics need work
Boolean algebra and its application to computation | George Boole: Boolean Algebra | Partitions of Integers and the Partition Function | Polyominos and Trominoes | The Mayan Calendar | The Millenium Prize Problems | Venn Diagrams
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